5 Solid Promises That A man May Never Be Able To Keep

Love is beautiful I must say; nothing beats the feeling of meeting someone new and falling heads over heels in love with the person. Many people describe the feeling as exceptional while some record having butterflies in their stomach when they are newly in love. Many people feel this way for the rest of their lives while some hate to remember having to fall in love in the first place.

So when things are going on well, the men would promise heaven and earth and would make you fly on cloud nine. No one is trying to label the men as being evil but then, there are certain promises they make that you should know they would never keep.

It could be reassuring hearing the men say all these promises at the start of the relationship but that is as far as it goes. They are merely words they say to make the women feel good about themselves but these words do not go very far in the relationship as you are bound to see their flaws. Some break the promises they make as soon as the words leave their lips.

It would be good for you to known the promises men make and break so that your expectations are not cut short. Find below some of these promises of love:

#1. I will provide all your needs. Men often say this to women to make them feel comfortable about settling down with her. Women ordinarily would not walk into poverty with their eyes opened and would prefer to date men who can provide them financial security.

As a woman, if you go into a marriage with the aim of having all your needs met, it is possible you lose the passion for that marriage as soon as the man disappoints you. Things could change for the man and he may not be as financially buoyant as he used to be. If you dwell on the promises of a man in this regard, you will be disappointed. It is only God that is all sufficient.

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