6 Things That Make A Woman More Beautiful Than Makeup Ever Could

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With all of the primping, curling, plucking and exfoliating, we far too often take more of our time trying to look just right in case there is a photo taken, than we do trying to enhance our inner features.

Why is that?

Our mothers often tell us, “It’s the inner beauty that counts” and have chosen not to wear makeup at all or wear it sparingly. They have realized that beauty cannot be expressed by caking on all of the top products until you are unrecognizable.

It’s what you do every hour of every day, how you carry yourself through hard trials and how you express yourself as an individual that allow you to shine.

Here are 6 specific characteristics that woman who understand beauty possess.

Resilience: A woman who refuses to give up is a sign of a beautiful and intelligent woman. There are women who need to be held and assisted emotionally and financially in order to be happy. But a beautiful woman with resilience can do it all on her own. Their drive to succeed is strong because they understand their purpose and try to fulfill it as best they can.

Passion: Life can get pretty busy and sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy things as they come, but a beautiful woman doesn’t forget to follow her passions. Passionate woman care about succeeding and pursuing their goals. She goes for what she truly wants and makes this life as incredible as she can.

Selflessness: Someone who cares more about the well-being of others than themselves is a beautiful individual. This is not a natural habit all women poses, but those who do truly empathize with others and see them on a deeper level.

Spirit: I think we can all agree that being around a negative nelly is not fun. That woman who is smiling constantly, has a positive attitude and brings happiness to even the toughest of days is a beautiful woman.

Mind: Forget what you have heard your whole life about beautiful people not being intelligent; that couldn’t be more wrong. A woman who does not take time to cultivate her mind is limiting herself from amazing possibilities to grow and understand life in a new way. Intelligence is a beautiful trait that should not be overlooked or underdeveloped.

Confidence: Many men would say that this is the most beautiful quality of all. A woman who can walk tall and be proud of who she is without the eyeliner and bronzer caked on. Whether it’s at work, at home or everywhere else, having confidence promotes a healthy sense of self-worth.

It almost doesn’t even matter what you look like when you are confident. Your actions speak much louder than mascara and blush ever could.

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