Strictly For LADIES ONLY!! 8 Ways To A Man’s Heart

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Men are complicated creatures. It is true. While some say that simplicity is the unifying stereotype for all men it is a misjudgement. Remember that still waters run deep and your man has more under the hood than you may think (car reference… another stereotype). That said, sometimes the very basic pleasures in life can go a long way. When was the last time someone made a small gesture for the sole purpose of making you happy? How did you treat them after? Probably pretty well. So while it may seem like some of these are a stereotype, think of them instead as the basics of pleasure.

Knowing a few ways to a man’s heart can strengthen your relationship no matter what stage you are at, and may even advance you to the next one!

1.Through his stomach: It is no secret that men like to eat. They are busy creatures and it takes a lot of calories for their bodies to keep up with their sense of adventure. But it goes deeper than that. Feeding someone is the ultimate form of caring. It is a life-giving gesture and takes effort on many levels. When a man is fed by someone he cares about it solidifies that she cares for him as well and instills in him a trust that she will take care of him when he needs it. Not to mention, if she is a good cook he has that to look forward to for potentially the rest of his life, if he is lucky.

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