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How to approach a girl on Facebook without being creepy

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In this guide, I will show you how to approach a girl on Facebook without being creepy. To make a girl creepy means to cause an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease to your proposed date. many girls are very conscious of themselves, but that’s not the matter. Your first approach to her will determine her next mood or reactions. This post will help you.

Facebook is a good place to find dates online. But many guys screw their chances when they quickly asked a girl to send their phone numbers to them. This is crazy… In real sense, it’s not advisable to give your phone numbers to anyone you find online or on the street.

Instead, take your time and build relationship first. After all, Facebook is a contact point itself just like phone number.

First Impression

Start like this…

Hi Sweety,

I saw your profile and I just wish I could respectfully request to chat you.

Now, wait for her to respond… Don’t bombard her with messages

If she does not respond after a while, send her a reminder.


How are you today, how you are fine

A couple of days age, I sent you a chat, could you just respond?

I will be so happy to see your ping


Now Take note, if she doesn’t respond, go ahead to her timeline and check if she is still active on facebook. because she might be away from Facebook and that’s why she is not responding.

Also, check if the message you sent is seen by her. If you are very sure that she is ignoring you, send her the third reminder.

If she respond…

Take your time to build relationship with her.

Firstly ask her what she likes most – clubbing, sitting out, movies, foods, colours etc. Stop bulging her with stupid questions like will your father eat today? This will creep her out.


Send her a surprise gift – It could be recharge card – this will really spark her interest about you. If she really appreciate that, Now request for meeting outside Facebook. It’s now upto you to get closer to her location.

Meet her in real live.

Every other thing follows from there if you are smart.

Thank me later of the enjoyment.


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