6 Ways to Break-Up or end a Relationship Like a GENTLEMAN

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In this post, I will show you the 6 ways to break-up or end a relationship like a GENTLEMAN without setting wildfire on a sea. When men break up with women, they’re usually instantly branded an “asshole” or “dick” even if they truly believed they were doing the right thing.

If you’re considering ending your romantic relationship, it is important that you treat the breakup with the same level of respect you treated the way you got into the relationship. Below are 6 ways to treat your breakup like the classy gentleman we all know you can be.

1. Do It In Person.

I don’t care what the climate of the breakup is, whether there was a nasty fight that prefaced it or even if it was an amicable decision: you must end the relationship in person. The woman you’ve been seeing deserves the same amount of respect during the end of the relationship that you gave her at the start. This means there is absolutely no reason for you to call her and do it over the phone, nor does it mean you can text, have a friend do it, or even send a carrier pigeon with a handwritten note. If you do it in person she will accept that you were brave enough to value her feelings in a way that gives her closure. Otherwise you’re telling her I don’t care about how you feel about this breakup and I never have.

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