How to chat with a naija girl u meet for d first time

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Toasting a girl is not an easy thing, especially in public, when she can put you down by her reply. You need to know exactly what to say or how to act to attract her and make her answer in the fashion you want.

First of all, be polite. If you do not want to get a rude reply, start by being nice to the girl. Thus you reduce your chances of being put down.

And be confident, but not arrogant. What is the difference? For instance, some men say: hey, I’m taking you out tonight. And get the answer: no, you are not.

They think they are confident, but in reality they are just arrogant. It means they leave the girl no choice, they make the decision for her and that is something women strongly dislike. Show your confidence by coming up to her and complimenting her instead of putting her down.

There are many things you can do to appraoch and meet a girl on the street. The best soluiton is to get her phone number and take it from there. How do you woo a girl via the phone and toast sms?

Toasting a girl you meet for the first time can be a scary thing to do. You have no idea of her possible reactions. Start by looking her into the eye. See, if she maintains eye contact and responds positively to your advances. Be polite and nice, as nice as you can. Do not make silly jokes and do not try to pretend to be a macho. Just be open and be yourself. Come up and talk to her of common things. Ask her name, just do simple normal human things. Avoid acting like some stupid movie hero, that looks highly superficial and would make her pass a joke on you or scorn you.

Dude, only toast a girl u see often in a public place/bus and strictly do the toasting after having established some sort of rapour with her. Don’t go toasting every beautiful girl u c willy nilly.

How do you establish rapour?

Start by saying hello, then comment on what she is wearing or way she looks, then introduce yourself and if she does the same then go into gear 2. if not, continue with the rapour building another day.

Gear 2 should go by asking her personal questions like where she works, what shes doing and what she’s up to.

Then just jokingly ask if you can see her again or something like that.

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