How To Know If Your Ex Misses You

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The relationship ended, but that doesn’t mean that you and your ex are automatically ready to let go of each other. You might miss your ex and find yourself wondering if things are the same for him or her, or maybe you have no lingering feelings but wonder what your ex’s strange reactions mean. Either way, if you suspect that your ex may miss you, there are a few clues you can use to confirm or reject your suspicions.

Part 1 of 2: Pay Attention to Your Interactions

1. Note any awkward phone calls. If your ex still misses you, expect to receive a lot of phone calls and text messages at random. Usually, he or she will do this under the pretense of checking in on you, but a clever ex may hide his or her feelings by coming up with a good excuse for contacting you.

  • Be especially ready for drunk dials. Incomprehensible text messages and rambling voice mails made late at night are usually signs of drunkenness. If your ex were no longer missing you, you would not be on his or her mind in the midst of a drunken stupor.
  • Gauge how often your ex calls and how long after the relationship it lasts. If an ex calls you shortly after the break-up, it could merely be out of habit. Alternatively, a late night call could also be a sign that your ex is interested in a one-night fling and nothing more. In other words, he or she might miss you physically, but not in any deeper way.
  • If the calls continue for several months, though, and if he or she shows an interest in your daily life, it could be a sign of some lingering feelings.
  • Put your ex to the test. When he or she calls, talk for a few minutes before saying you have to run. Give your ex a time to call back when you know you can talk. If your ex calls you back punctually, he or she might actually miss you and not just your body.
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