How To Know If Your Ex Misses You

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8. Beware of the green-eyed monster. People get jealous when the guy or gal they like shows a romantic interest in someone else. If your ex misses you, he or she will show obvious signs of jealousy whenever you give special attention to or flirt with someone else.

  • These signs of jealousy could be major or minor. A major sign is if your ex openly criticizes a new person you date or flies into a rage when you flirt in front of him or her.A less obvious sign is if your ex simply looks annoyed when someone cute happens to pay you a little extra attention.
  • . Know when a coincidence isn’t a coincidence. After your break-up, you might notice that you run into your ex—a lot. There are some instances when a coincidence really might be a coincidence, but if you run into each other a lot, there might be something more behind it.
    • If you work in the same building and run into each other in the hallway, it probably is a coincidence. Similarly, if you both love the same coffee place and run into each other there in the morning, it might be a coincidence. But if your ex starts showing up in places you would never expect, like a restaurant he or she hated, your ex might be going there in the hopes of seeing you.
    • 10. Wait for a direct confession. This might be an obvious one, but it is still worth mentioning. If your ex misses you so much that it hurts, he or she may eventually break down and come right out and say it. If you give it time, you might actually hear your ex say the words, “I miss you.”
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