Nae Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions

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The NAE Limited and its partners are committed to the training and development of manpower as part of their corporate social responsibility and are therefore sponsoring the education of thousands of young Nigerians through their postgraduate scholarship scheme both in Nigeria or outside the country.


NAE Past Questions is the compilation of all the SCHOLARSHIP questions given to candidates to answer over the years and it is presented in pdf format. We have made it very simple, portable, and affordable such that every student can get it or download it as long as they have access to the smartphone. therefore, jamb mathematics past questions is what every intending jamb candidate needs to pass the examination well.

All those who have bought our past questions have been giving testimonies of how it helped them. We are very sure it is going to help you as well. When you get this past question it will definitely help you to score higher than your competitors and give you an edge over them.

How is NAE Past Questions Patterned?

We have made it very easy for you. we bring all the questions for many years and put them together but we indicate the specific years of their occurrence. We provide the correct answers in order to save your time. All you need to do is to devote quality time to study the Past Questions and watch yourself change the narrative by scoring better than you expected in the SCHOLARSHIP examination.

Why You Need A Copy Of NAE scholarship Past Questions

Two of the most common reasons why people flunk scholarship exams is underrating the seriousness of these exam bodies and underplaying the role of preparation. If you’re guilty of any of the two reasons or both reasons above, then thank goodness we’ve got you covered. Through extensive and qualitative research, our team has been able to come up with a comprehensive answer to your problems, by compiling past questions and answers from previous AGIP postgraduate exams.

While these sort of exams are particularly known for being very difficult, there is a weakness that is always a constant and that is the recycling of questions in different exams. This is a weakness that we have successfully exploited and are committed to helping you secure that scholarship today.

 Past Questions SAMPLE

1. Moment of inertia of a body depends on its ___________

(a) mass only

(b) axis of rotation only

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) none of these.

The correct answer is : C



2. Which one of the following statements is true?

(a) electrostatic force obeys inverse square law while gravitational force does not

(b) both gravitational force and electrostatic force are repulsive in nature

(c) gravitational force is much weaker than electrostatic force

(d) all the above are true.

The correct answer is : C

3. The work done by a torque in rotating a body about an axis is equal to the change in________

(a) rotational K.E. of the body

(b) moment of the momentum of the body

(c) translational K.E. of the body

(d) all are true.

The correct answer is : A


4. 6.4 × 10–19 joule is approximately

(a) 4 electron volt

(b) 6 electron volt

(c) 8 electron volt

(d) 1 electron.

The correct answer is : A


1 The “ground-up” and “trees-down” theories are the only theories explaining
flight in birds.


Cannot say

EXPLAINATION: Cannot Say – Although the “ground-up” and “trees-down” theories are stated to be theories of flight in birds, they are not stated to be the only two theories explaining flight in birds. Therefore, the correct answer is “Cannot Say”.

Q2 All dinosaurs had hollow bones.


Cannot say

EXPLAINATION: Cannot Say – The passage states that other feathered dinosaurs also had hollow bones, not that all dinosaurs (non-feathered) also had hollow bones. Therefore, the correct answer is “Cannot Say”.

Q3 There is no scientific consensus regarding how birds evolved poweredflight.


Cannot say

EXPLAINATION: True – The passage states that further research is required to conclusively verify the process in which birds evolved powered flight. Similarly, it is stated that the evolution of powered flight in birds is still debated. Therefore, the correct answer is “True”.

How to Buy

The complete Nae Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions with accurate answers is N2,000.

Kindly pay to Ac: GOTOSCHOOL LIMITED 1015256082 Zenith Bank.

After payment, send the (1) proof of payment, (2) course of study, (3) name of past questions paid for and (4) email address to Ifiokobong (Examsguru) at Whatsapp: 08026529647. We will send the past questions to your email address. Dollar to Naira Rate

Delivery Assurance

How are you sure we will deliver the past question to you after payment.

Our services are based on honesty and integrity. That is why we are very popular.

For us (ExamsGuru Team), we have been in business since 2012 and have been delivering honest and trusted services to our valued customers.

Since we started, we have not had any negative comments from our customers, instead, all of them are happy with us.

Our past questions and answers are original and from the source. So, your money is in the right hand and we promise to deliver it once we confirm your payment.

Each year, thousands of students gain admission into their schools of choice with the help of our past questions and answers.

7 Tips to Prepare for Exams

  1. Don’t make reading your hobby: A lot of people put reading as a hobby in their CV, they might be right because they have finished schooling. But “You” are still schooling, so reading should be in top priority and not as a hobby. Read far and wide to enhance your level of aptitude
  2. Get Exams Preparation Materials: These involve textbooks, dictionaries, Nae Postgraduate Scholarship Past Questions, mock questions, and others. These materials will enhance your mastering of the scope of the exams you are expecting.
  3. Attend Extramural Classes: Register and attend extramural classes at your location. This class will not only help you refresh your memory but will boast your classroom understanding and discoveries of new knowledge.
  4. Sleep when you feel like: When you are preparing for any exams, sleeping is very important because it helps in the consolidation of memory. Caution: Only sleep when you feel like it and don’t oversleep.
  5. Make sure you are healthy: Sickness can cause excessive feelings of tiredness and fatigue and will not allow you to concentrate on reading. If you are feeling as if you are not well, report to your parent, a nurse or a doctor. Make sure you are well. Pounds to Naira
  6. Eat when you feel like: During the exam preparation period, you are advised not to overeat, so as to avoid sleep. You need to eat little and light food whenever you feel like eating. Eat more of fruits, drink milk and glucose. This will help you to enhance retention.
  7. Reduce your time in social media: Some people live their entire life on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger chat. This is so bad and catastrophic if you are preparing for exams. Try and reduce your time spent on social media during this time. Maybe after the exams, you can go back and sleep in it.

If you like these tips, consider sharing them with your friends and relatives. Do you have a question or comments? Put it on the comment form below. We will be pleased to hear from you and help you to score as high as possible.

We wish you good luck!

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