How to Pick-Up Girls on Facebook without Any Effort

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Rules you must follow

Write these down and stick them to your forehead so you don’t forget them.

  • Make sure your photos are up to date – Keep them fresh, like within the last couple of months so it’s not a shock when you meet her. It’s fine to have old ones, but keep them buried.
  • Delete any photos of random girls on their own – If there are any slutty shots of girls in your albums, get rid of them. When another girl looks at this, she will think you’re typical guy and will just delete you.
  • Use social proof – Upload pictures of you and pretty girls hanging out, but safe shots… like you’re in the park chilling with your “girl” friends or on a day out somewhere. This is also known as pre-selection.
  • NEVER cold message a girl… it’s stupid – If you send 100 cold messages you might get one back, but it would be from a nutcase. Women get cold messages all the time and it never works, so don’t be a dumb-ass.
  • Never leave yourself tagged in photos that can harm your cred – People like tagging other people in funny shots, like you throwing up in the gutter after a night out or running threw your garden butt naked. Make sure you’re not tagged in any of these shots.
  • Never say how pretty or hot she is when she posts a “validation” photo – Women love posting shots online so they can get a shot of confidence, don’t give them that satisfaction. Always post a funny comment or don’t post anything at all.
  • Don’t be Mr. funny – Women like funny guys but if you’re always trying to be funny, it can wear thin pretty quickly. So use the funny lines every so often.
  • Don’t ask for the number outright – If you add her as a friend and go straight for the number, it’s just creepy. No rapport means no number.
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👉 Makeup to N100,000 per day. Learn 21 ways to make money as a student or unemployed person.
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