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Meet Marie, a 39 year old woman in El Paso, Texas, USA. She is interested in having a long-term relationship with a man not older than 35, are you interested?

I’m looking for someone who can match my loyalties. I go hard for my man and have his back whether you right or wrong. (Of course I’mma let you know about yourself behind closed doors) I am touchy touchy feely feely so I need a man who is tastefully affectionate.

I am a STRONG woman so I need someone who can admire that and let me be me, but be my strong tower and check my a*s when I need to be checked. I have been on this Earth as a women for 39 going on 40 years so I know how to be soft with my man and I know how to be a hard a*s when the situation presents itself…. I believe in accountability. Growth. Love. Passion. Hard work…humility.
I’m a very bubbly and friendly person. I’m outspoken but don’t blabber about unnecessary stuff. I’m very much into healthy lifestyle although I love my food and when I cook or eat out, I don’t count calories or feel too guilty for having a scrumptious portion of food that probably contains too much fat or carbs.

Oh well ? I love animals, and swimming, and dancing, and laying on the grass, reading, watching documentaries and good movies, I like funk and soul, jazz and lots of singer songwriters, I love art, in any form like tattoos, paintings, street art, design and illustrations being my favourite, but most of all I like water, the seaside, snorkeling, nature.

I am a single mum to a little baby girl that’s been stealing my sleep, my love and sometimes my patience but she’s lush. I’m very playful and looking for someone with a great sense of humor ?☺️ I like a man who’s got a common sense and is resourceful, good problem-solving skills is a must as I am a fast thinker and otherwise you’d feel inadequate.

I am looking for
A responsible guy who’s down to earth but at the same time doesn’t take himself too seriously. He must be playful and silly sometimes and have a curious personality. Someone to talk to about quantum physics or look at the spider web in the garden, someone who’s got a sense of adventure and can be spontaneous.

Someone who likes living creatures and is psychologically aware and conscious. Someone open minded and always wanting to improve himself. Yeah, that’ll do! ???

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