Where to find Ladies Who are Looking for Husbands in Nigeria

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This is a definitive guide on Where to find Ladies Who are Looking for Husbands in Nigeria. This 21st century isn’t like the olden days when women are betrothed to their husbands, you will see a young girl of 16 or 17 she already has a husband. Well things have changed; we are now in a society where husbands are scarce unless you are educated, sophisticated or endowed.

But wait, it’s not as if wives are not scarce too, they are. But as a woman, you are expected to marry on time so you don’t age and not be able to meet the necessary requirements as a wife, or become a burden to your family.

Due to this desperation to marry, you find these unmarried women in so many places indirectly searching for Mr Right. Even if it’s Mr Wrong, they’ll drag him to the right. lol! You will find them in Places like :-

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#1. See them there on the Roads

I wrote this first cos it is 100% true. Not that i do it. Lol! Ok, i do it sometimes but not that i’m looking for a husband o. Lol! *covers face* but apart from that though, I’ve seen some people do it.

You will see a lady standing on the road, ask me what she’s doing? I’ll tell you! She’s doing absolutely nothing, especially the endowed ones but whether endowed or not, a desperate lady is a desperate lady. They stand there and wait for a liftvi guess. But a lift to where exactly? They have no destination, all they want is to enter that gentleman’s car probably try to convince him in any way possible that they are the wife material.

You will probably be asking what if the man is married, well they will find out everything about the man within that 30-60 minutes they will be in the car. They will be throwing indirect questions like “how come you have your ring in the middle finger? Don’t want anyone to know you are married hmm”? Well, whatever the man answers will determine whether she will get on with the ride or get down and wait for another ride.


#2. Find them on Social Networks

Social network is the new society. Yes, it is. It’s like people now live on the internet these days. One person will be on. Whatsapp, flick, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, even on 2go! Haba! isn’t it obvious that she needs a heart-robe?

I know these are chatting apps and anyone can use it. But when you see a lady updating things like “I need someone right now” or “my body is so hot”, “I’m sexy and i know it” lol. With that half naked pics, some even go naked completely.

My brother do you still need a prophet to tell you that they need a husband? Although not all of them do it, some really dress well and they will tell you straight up that they need a partner.

Believe it or yes, i know a lot of couples that met through the internet. It is 100% possible to find a wife on the internet, a good wife as a matter of fact.

Some misuse all these chat apps but those that know its usefulness are using it to get what they want and it’s working for them.

So are you a man looking for a wife ? try the internet today. Register on those chat apps and start making friends you must definitely find a partner.


#3. Locate them on Party Grounds

Some ladies are MTN, everywhere you go. You’ll see them in every party whether invited or not. They’ll make sure they take snapshots with all the men who attended the party, walking up and down down the place even though there’s absolutely nothing they are looking for.

Why are they doing this? of course! to be noticed by men! This is a great opportunity for them to find that mr right and you don’t expect them to ruin it.

Even their dressing will tell you that this lady didn’t just come to party, of course she has an interior motive. Duh! And they can flirt! omg!

These kind of ladies can snatch your man right before your very eyes. You will see them indulging in small talks with all the male guests, trying to impress them. Mind you, every woman is supposed to marry, so if they do all these just to get a husband, I don’t blame them, since the men have refused to notice them, they’ll make them see clearly. Lol! They won’t stay single forever.


#4. Spot Them on Fast Food and Joints

Notice Board: Single and searching ladies are here.. lol! These ones are the jobless ones though. They will go there just to sit and gossip all day. They know about every guy that comes in there to eat, about their life history, the married and unmarried ones they know them all. If they are not looking for husbands, what are they now looking for? jobs? yeah right!

I’m not saying it’s bad, nah. It is what should be. If not for this our modern society where girls and boys decide how they want to live their lives. At the age of 18 to 19 a young girl is already with one or two children.

These are mostly lonely ladies looking for just a little attention and love if not a husband. Give them a chance, don’t jump into conclusion that they are whores, and sluts. Even whores and sluts have feelings too. If not for this messed up society, they wouldn’t be doing whatever you think they are doing


#5. Grab them at CLUBS  

Most ladies don’t go to a club to party or have fun like others. Nah. They’ll have fun alright, but they are mostly there to find husbands.

You know days are gone when parents worry about where men met their wives asking questions like is she from a good home, can she farm? Can she dance our traditional dance? Those days are gone.

Some parents still do it but just few of them (the ones that are still tied to their traditions and customs). But these days a guy will introduce his wife-to-be and will also be the one to say straight up that he met her in a club last night. What’s my point? It doesn’t really matter anymore where you find a wife.

Back to topic, So these desperate looking ladies are all over the club. They’ll dance, flirt, do all kind of good and naughty things just to get the men’s attention. Sometimes it works out for them, sometimes it doesn’t. I wouldn’t know I’m not one of them. lol!

Mind you men, there is nothing wrong in meeting your wife at the club, after all you were in the club too. What were you doing there hmm?Just having fun? Oh please. So dear men, anytime a flirty approaches you in a club , if she doesn’t want you, i don’t know what else she wants.

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#6. Hook Up with them at Bars and Sit outs 

This is also same like fast food joints, the different is that these ones have a reason for being in the bar, and that is to drink. They are mostly there for men, but girls go there too. If no man comes or none is noticing them what other choice do they have but to get drunk.  Yes na, such is life. drinking the misery and loneliness away. And you will be murmuring that you can’t have a drunk as a wife. Trust me, most of these people that get drunks are caused by situation.

Condition makes crayfish to bend” get them out of that misery and you will see a brand new person i her. And i know after reading this, most of you will be screaming “some women have no shame”. Let me ask you, whose fault is it?

Are these women going to marry themselves? Men have decided not to pay attention to them, what do you expect them to do? Sit down and fold their hands and expect their fathers or brothers to marry them? hell nah!

If you men give these ladies attention they wouldn’t act weird or abnormal. So give them a little attention today, and for those that are not judging them, thank you for that, for those that I have given tips you can thank me later. Try these few places I’ve mentioned and you will definitely find ladies to are looking for husbands right now. Goodluck and Bye!

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