Where to find prostitutes in Nigeria

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Are you a single or flirty man looking for prostitute to pass time with? If yes, I know finding them is actually difficult for first timers but this post will give you a fair idea where to find them.

Like it or yes, prostitutes contributes a fair share in this country’s GDP, meaning they are important too. Imagine how many rape cases will occur if there were no single prostitute.

Again, there is financial transaction in prostitution, making it a business to some people who practice them. Furthermore, those who patronize them (especially the men) derive satisfaction at the end of it. Pretty a better model to illustrate a business process.

Prostitutes are not very scarce as people think. I don’t know why you find them like petrol. They are actually scattered everywhere but the only problem is that they are afraid of showing up unless you know their crib. This is as a result of stigma attached to their work.

Again, it will be unsolicited for me to mention places (contact addresses) where you can find prostitutes in Nigeria, instead, I am going to hint you to valuable points and location where they do hang around to clients.

If you have any reason to find a prostitute in Nigeria.use these suggestions and find them. No string attached…

(1) Hotels: This is the number one place where you can find prostitutes. Just dress well and enter all those popular hotels, sit in the bar and order for drinks. Wait for some minutes and you will see them coming around.

Sure, they will come around. These things happen even in Transcorp Hilton. You can then pack them as you like, as most he-goats do.

(2) Relaxation Spots: WOW! These are so many these days in Nigeria. It’s scattered every nook and cranny of all popular cities in Nigeria. Relaxation spots are where prostitutes hang around for feast.

If you are looking for them, know that they are actually waiting for you there. Sometimes, you may just need to drive in with your car and they will do the rest by spotting right where you will park. All you need is to be attentive to their non-verbal cues whenever they make their amorous moves.

(3) Go to Clubs: Clubs are another popular hub for prostitutes. I heard that, some of them even have associations there at popular night clubs in Nigeria.  You may have to become a clubber if the first two strategies above doesn’t work.



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